Religious supplements for seeking souls.

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Organized religion is failing believers today. The Great News Network supplements that failure with sincere and substantive education. Our content intends to grow a seeker's capacity for Light, Love and Liberty, ultimately supporting their personal and independent relationship with God.

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Heart of the Matter

Live weekly call-in show deconstructing Mormonism and Evangelicalism.

Verse by Verse (Formerly C.A.M.P.U.S.)

Live weekly teachings parsing and contextualizing Biblical text verse by verse.

Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth

A self-guided educational course leading to liberty in Christ.


Community content platform to rebuild the faith in liberty and love.

I Don't Get The Bible

A bi-weekly beginner's survey of the Bible in conversational podcast form.

The Christian Peace Initiative

A signable invitation for love among all Christians.

A United Front

A signable invitation for love among individuals of all faiths.

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