The Great News

Yeshua lived, died, rose and then returned in 70 A.D.

In turn, God reconciled the world to Himself, liberating us forevermore.

We call this biblical fulfillment.

So, what remains?

For forty years, we have been dedicated to uncovering the truth about God, considering all aspects, all while remaining independent of institutional constraints and pressures. What we have discovered is humbling, liberating, and invaluable, especially for those in pursuit of Him.

In a world where traditional theologies are crumbling and institutions are failing, we are committed to offering sincere and dedicated research to seekers of Spiritual knowledge and growth that are thirsting in the desert that is modern religion. Our work delves into the contextual meaning of the Bible and its fulfillment, exploring how this understanding can liberate believers and foster deeply rooted and personal spiritual growth beyond the confines of material religion.

No matter who you are or what you believe, we invite you to join us in the pursuit of Spirit and Truth. We offer thousands of free, self-produced videos, teachings, courses, books, publications, art, and materials, all crafted to enrich your journey.