Heart Of The Matter

Live Call-In Show, Est. 2006

Deconstructing institutional religion.

What is Heart of the Matter?

Heart of the Matter, “where Mormonism meets Biblical Christianity face to face”, was a live television broadcast hosted from 2006 – 2021 produced in the Mecca of Mormonism, Salt Lake City.

From 2006 – 2012, host Shawn McCraney provided entertaining and valuable knowledge on history and practices of Mormonism and, further, what it means to be a Born-Again Christian. After trading live television for live YouTube broadcasting in 2013, Shawn continued to pursue topics beyond Mormonism in alternative segments of Heart of the Matter, covering issues in and around Christianity and Evangelicalism at large. 

At the website hotm.tv is a searchable database of the entire archive of content produced by Shawn from 2006 – 2021. Select episodes have been removed from public access and are now available in our new online learning center Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth at cult.love.

Heart of the Matter will come back to air in May 2024 with its new edition Heart of the Matter: Full Circle. Stay tuned!