A United Front

Petition, Est. 2023

An invitation to love all faiths.

What is A United Front?

A United Front welcomes any individuals and organizations who respect a higher power to unite in peace. No matter your spiritual, doctrinal and personal convictions, we welcome you to join the front.

We find division between faiths to be distracting, unproductive, and at times even destructive. We aim to help repair that. 

A United Front centers around peace as the primary objective of all faiths. Our goal stems from an understanding that our relationship with God is constantly evolving, and highly influenced by our circumstances. In light of this understanding, it becomes crucial for us to exhibit patience, meekness, and long-suffering towards fellow individuals in their individual walk with God. We strive to approach differing perspectives with open minds and open hearts. If you share the same sentiment, we are delighted to hear it! We warmly invite you to join our community by signing an invocation stating you support this initiative!