The Christian Peace Initiative

Petition, Est. 2023

An invitation for love among Christians.

What is The Christian Peace Initiative?

The Christian Peace Initiative is here to unite Christ-believing individuals and organizations who prioritize peace as the desired response to spiritual, doctrinal and personal differences. Whoever you are, whatever you believe, we welcome you to join the initiative.

We find that modern Christianity can often be characterized as impatient, divisive, and often even angry. We aim to help repair that.​ The Christian Peace Initiative centers around agape love as the primary objective of the Christian walk.

Our goals stem from recognizing that our relationship with God is constantly evolving. In light of this understanding, it becomes crucial for us to exhibit patience, meekness, and long-suffering towards fellow believers. We strive to approach differing perspectives with open minds and open hearts.

If you share the same sentiment, we are delighted to hear it! We warmly invite you to join our community and contribute to the gradual cultivation of this approach in others as well.