The Christian Peace Initiative

The Christian Peace Initiative is a signable invitation to unite with fellow believers in Christ in peace over division. Est. 2023

Uniting Christians in Peace

What is The Christian Peace Initiative?

In contemporary Christianity, we observe a tendency towards impatience, divisiveness, and at times, even anger. Additionally, there seems to be a prevalent focus on being right rather than prioritizing love among Christians. The Christian Peace Initiative aims to bring together individuals and organizations who embrace the teachings of Christ and prioritize peace as the preferred approach to spiritual, doctrinal, and personal variances. Regardless of your background or beliefs, we extend a warm invitation for you to become a part of this initiative.

We invite anyone who aligns with this simple idea to join us in spirit by signing this invitation. Your email will simply register you as a part of the movement, and you can choose to which degree you want to be notified of additional activity and content. When you sign the invitation, you join a community of individuals who are seeking to incite peace and end division among individuals and organizations who are Christian.