Yeshuans is a platform promoting individuals who seek faith and love in their personal ministries. Est. 2023

Ministries Of Faith And Love

What is Yeshuans?

Welcome to Yeshuans, the Community Ministries branch of The Great News Network. Our platform brings you content in the age of fulfillment from individuals dedicated to seeking YAHAVA in Spirit and Truth. We are here to offer a space and way for people to share insights and support one another’s personal pursuit of knowledge of YAHAVA and Yeshua in the way the Spirit leads.

At Yeshuans, we find faith to be purely about about the freedom and love found in Yeshua. We want to empower individuals to explore their beliefs without pressure or judgment. Whether you’re a scholar or just curious, you’re welcome to join us on this journey.

Watch a video below from co-founders Shawn McCraney and Delaney McCraney.

About Yeshuans: