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Rebuilding the faith in liberty and love.

What is Yeshuans?

Yeshuans are seekers of YAHAVA in Spirit and Truth. They are guided by only faith and love. Yeshuan.Faith is a collective effort by truth-seeking individuals who prioritize seeking YAHAVA in Spirit and Truth before all histories, traditions, and cultures that shape modern Christianity. No matter who you are, or what doctrine you follow, if you seek YAHAVA in Spirit and Truth we welcome you as a Yeshuan. At Yeshuan.Faith, we’ve created a space to seek alongside and learn from one another along the way. Everyone is welcome, and participation is optional.

Yeshuans are characterized by simply two actions: Faith & Love. The Yeshuan.Faith platform is a space for Yeshuans to pursue YAHAVA in Spirit and Truth alongside one another. Even if you’re not a Yeshuan, you’re welcome here! And for those who are Yeshuans, there are no membership requirements – no tithes, no contracts, no law, no authorities. Your involvement at Yeshuan.Faith is purely about your interest in our platform’s features, and it’s entirely your choice to participate.

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