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What is Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth?

Discover a path less traveled with CULT, where we dive into the profound concept of biblical “fulfillment.” Unlike the narratives commonly presented in mainstream Christian churches, we explore the idea that the events and teachings of the Bible, especially those predicting Jesus’s return, found their completion in the first century, specifically in 70 AD. This perspective is not our invention; it’s an ancient understanding that’s been overshadowed by doctrines designed to maintain institutional power and control. We are here to provide a form of knowledge to individuals that encourages their own sense of identity in God, and their own confidence to pursue him on their own outside of the bondages that actual cults, religions, cultures and dogmas inflict. Join us in uncovering these truths, empowering yourself with knowledge, and stepping into the liberty of a faith built on love, informed by history. While everything can be seen as a cult, we choose to pursue that which leads to the greatest and most justified spiritual liberty.



CULT challenges the status quo of religions, cults, cultures and dogmas, bringing to light a perspective of Scripture that liberates believers from fear-driven doctrines. The concept of fulfillment, while under-recognized, offers a refreshing interpretation that aligns with historical events and the very teachings of Yeshua. By understanding that the prophetic aspects of the Bible were fulfilled long ago, we free ourselves to explore a faith that emphasizes love and personal connection with the God.

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Embark on an educational journey that offers more than just knowledge—it offers a new way of seeing faith. Click here to explore the concept of fulfillment and discover how it can transform your spiritual life.

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