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Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth is an online educational platform liberating seekers of Christ through a knowledge of biblical fulfillment. Est. 2021

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What is Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth?

Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth (CULT) is the educational branch of The Great News Network. CULT operates as an online learning platform, offering a comprehensive journey to explore lesser-known biblical contexts. Our content stems from years of in-depth study of scripture, its commentaries, languages, and histories, all conducted outside the bounds of institutional religion. We’re happy to share this knowledge with you entirely for free.

Our content is organized into a structured learning journey that provides a comprehensive perspective on scripture from a fulfilled viewpoint. Our aim is to expand your understanding by introducing additional insights for consideration. It’s worth noting that we’re not affiliated with any denomination or church, and we’re not here to push any particular beliefs. Our goal is simply to offer information that has profoundly impacted our own lives.


We’re here to equip individuals with knowledge to support their personal search for Truth. Our content covers historical, secular, and biblical information, shedding light on the purpose and significance of the Bible in its factual context. We’ve found that this often-overlooked perspective leads to a deep sense of spiritual freedom.


Join us as we explore various Destinations, including topics like Fulfilled Eschatology, Alternative Views of the Trinity, The End of Hell and Eternal Punishment, Universal Reconciliation, Spirit-Led Exegesis, Subjective Relationship versus Objective Religion, and the guiding forces of Faith and Love in our lives today. Everyone is welcome to join and participate!

Below is an welcome video from Founder of The Great News Network and teacher at Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth, Shawn McCraney.

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