I Don't Get The Bible

I Don’t Get The Bible is a bi-weekly father/daughter podcast questioning the meaning of the Bible in the face of discovering faith outside of religion. New Episodes Mondays and Fridays on YouTube and All Podcast Platforms. Est. 2023

A Beginner’s Pursuit of Faith Without Religion

What is I Don't Get The Bible?

Join Delaney McCraney, a 30 year old woman facing the conflicting messages of her religious upbringing with realities of life, and her father Shawn McCraney, self-taught theologian, contrarian, artist, proponent of biblical fulfillment and Subjective Christianity, and founder of The Great News Network, as they study through the pages of the Bible. Delaney for her first (real) time, and Shawn for his millionth.

Shawn’s deep understanding of scripture prioritizes love and subjectivity, guided by the belief that the entire Bible has been fulfilled and may not directly apply to modern audiences. In ‘I Don’t Get the Bible,’ Delaney takes on the role of seeking understanding alongside her father, asking probing questions along the way as they navigate through passages like First Corinthians, dissecting their meanings and implications.

From discussing the divisive nature of doctrinal differences to unraveling the role of love in interpreting scripture, this podcast offers profound insights for new believers, skeptics, and those seeking a deeper understanding of their faith. Join Delaney and Shawn as they engage in thought-provoking conversations that challenge conventional interpretations, shedding light on the timeless wisdom of the Bible and its applicability in our lives today.

Below is an video from Shawn and Delaney welcoming and introducing you to the podcast.

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