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How We Approach Financial Support

The idea that churches and institutions require and obtain an individual’s funds in the name of God is entirely incorrect—biblically, principally, and personally to us. For decades, we have been committed to providing the research and content produced at The Great News Network free of charge (for the most part, excluding minimal charging for books and select courses) to everyone. We rely daily on His sustenance and are deeply grateful for the health and resources God has provided us to continue our work.

That said, the work we do and the content we offer do require money, along with a significant amount of time. Over the years, we have received support that has kept us materially afloat, and for that, we are incredibly thankful. To those who believe in our message, feel a personal call to help, and have the means to do so, we are open to and very appreciative of your support.

General Organizational Costs

If you find yourself compelled to support us, we first want to express our deep gratitude for your generosity. Although we do not believe that financial support should be obligatory, we are immensely thankful for those who are willing to contribute. We would like to clarify exactly where your contributions will be utilized. Our organization currently covers the following expenses:

  • Printing and distribution of publications.
  • Website hosting and maintenance fees.
  • Video and content production needs.
  • Rent and utilities for our production warehouse space.

Additionally, our team, which is composed of at least 2 full-time researchers, 1 full-time operations manager, 5 part-time operations volunteers, and 7 volunteer leadership team members, generously offers their time on an unpaid and entirely voluntary basis.

Upcoming Projects to Support

We’d also like to provide insight into the upcoming projects that our team is focusing on. Your contributions will support the following endeavors:

  • Production of the Transversional Apostolic Record (a commentary on the text of the Apostolic Record from a fulfilled perspective).
  • Research, development, and production of “Heart of the Matter: Full Circle,” launching May 7th, 2024.
  • Research, development, and production of our weekly “Verse by Verse Teachings.”
  • Production of six new upcoming publications.
  • Production of twelve new free courses.
  • Ongoing production of daily YouTube content.
  • Continuation of our current production efforts.

If you would like to direct your contribution toward a specific project, we welcome such specificity. Please let us know via email at or include a note with your donation.

How It Works... Legally

The Great News Network is a 501-C3 Organization. Any contributions given to The Great News Network or any of its seven channels are tax-deductible and very appreciated.

A Message From Founder Shawn McCraney

Please watch the video below to hear more thoughts from the founder and teacher at The Great News Network, Shawn McCraney.

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