About Shawn McCraney: A Journey of Authenticity and Faith

Shawn McCraney is the founder of The Great News Network. His research and lifelong pursuit of an authentic knowledge of God has been publicly recorded and substantiates the majority of content offered on The Great News Network. Learn more below about his captivating journey of rebellion, redemption, and relentless pursuit of truth.

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The Man Behind the Vision

Capture from The Butcher Boy. Source: The Irish Times

Shawn McCraney’s life is a testament to the power of authenticity and the pursuit of truth. Born in Los Angeles in 1961 to parents deeply entrenched in the Mormon faith, Shawn’s upbringing was a blend of religious indoctrination and a yearning for something more profound.

A Journey of Rebellion and Discovery

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From a young age, Shawn possessed an artist’s temperament, inherited from his father. Despite the rigid structure of Mormonism, Shawn found solace in the nascent punk movement of Los Angeles and Orange County. Punk ethos resonated deeply with Shawn, offering him a sense of authenticity and self-expression that he couldn’t find within the confines of organized religion.

The Road to Transformation

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Shawn’s discontent with Mormonism led to seventeen years of soul-searching. Despite embracing various ideologies and philosophies, he found himself hollowed out and devoid of hope. It wasn’t until a chance encounter with a Christian radio broadcast in 1997 that Shawn experienced a profound transformation.


Embracing Faith and Authenticity

Shawn McCraney hosting his live call-in show Heart of the Matter.

Realizing the futility of self-redemption, Shawn embraced a new identity rooted in faith. He became an independent student of the biblical narrative, seeking to understand and embody the teachings of Christ in their purest form.

The Birth of The Great News Network

Screenshot of an Introduction to The Great News Network on YouTube

In 2006, Shawn’s vision culminated in the creation of The Great News Network. Through meticulous research and unwavering dedication, Shawn and his team bridged the gap left by failing religious institutions and faltering theological justifications. The network’s mission? To provide sincere and contextual knowledge of YAHAVA and His Word, offering individuals the freedom to pursue or not pursue God on their personal journey.

The Channels

At the core of The Great News Network are seven channels, each catering to diverse needs and levels of understanding:

Heart of the Matter

As the host and writer of this live weekly call-in show, Shawn deconstructs Mormonism and Evangelicalism, offering a fresh perspective on complex theological issues.

Verse by Verse (Formerly C.A.M.P.U.S.)

In this channel, Shawn serves as the main teacher, parsing and contextualizing Biblical texts verse by verse, providing invaluable insights into scripture.

Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth

Through a self-guided educational course, Shawn empowers individuals to find liberty in Christ, challenging conventional religious paradigms.


A community content platform fostering faith and love, where Shawn collaborates with spiritually intelligent colleagues to create authentic, thought-provoking content.

I Don't Get The Bible

In this bi-weekly beginner’s survey of the Bible, Shawn answers questions in a conversational podcast format, making scripture accessible to all.

The Christian Peace Initiative

As the organizer of this channel, Shawn champions love and unity among Christians, fostering a spirit of reconciliation and understanding.

A United Front

In this channel, Shawn extends an invitation for love among all faiths, promoting dialogue and cooperation across religious boundaries.

Shawn McCraney: A Living Testimony to Faith and Authenticity

For over two decades, Shawn has dedicated his life to sharing the transformative power of faith. From hosting television programs to presenting over 2000 hours of online and television presentations on the biblical faith, Shawn continues to inspire and educate.

Embracing Authenticity, Pursuing Truth

Join Shawn McCraney and The Great News Network on a journey of discovery, authenticity, and spiritual enlightenment. Together, we cultivate agape love in individuals and the world, one truth-seeker at a time.

Shawn's Relevant Experience


1982 - 1984 · 2 yrs
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States · On-site

From 1982 – 1984, Shawn served a 24-month volunteer service where LDS Church members devote themselves to full-time proselytizing and humanitarian assistance or service with the intent to convert individuals to Mormonism. In this short time, Shawn excelled in the calling, rising to levels of leadership among his peers.

Ministerial Licensing

2004 - 2006 · 15 yrs
Calvary Chapel School of Ministry
Costa Mesa, California, United States

Shawn pursued full-time school of ministry where he and his cohort were personally trained in exegesis and biblical languages by Pastor Chuck Smith.

Founder, Teacher

2006 - 2021 · 15 yrs
Alathea Ministries
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

Alathea Ministries teaches the biblical gospel of Jesus Christ through media, including but not limited to television, publications, art and events

Founder, Teacher

2006 - 2021 · 15 yrs
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

C.A.M.P.U.S. stands for Christian Anarchists Meeting Prayerfully To Understand Scripture. Meeting weekly for live-broadcasted teachings, members met weekly to listen to Shawn’s research through each verse of biblical text taught in a verse-by-verse manner. The teachings unpacked linguistic, exegetical and contextual information about the text, and were followed with Q&A discussion.

Writer, Producer, On Air Host

2006 - 2021 · 15 yrs
Heart of the Matter
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

Heart of the Matter was a weekly hour-long live call-in broadcast comparing and contrasting Mormonism with tenants of biblical Christianity. This show was hosted on full-power television station KTMW (TV20) from 2006-2013, and then across independent channels from 2013-2021.


2006 - 2021 · 15 yrs
Bjorn Books
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

Shawn is the author of dozens of publications about organized religion and spirituality. His work is entirely derived from a robust body of research around the manipulation of liberty in modern religion; each work ranges in depth, complexity, and abstractness. Most notable of his publications are Born-Again Mormon, Where Mormonism Meets Biblical Christianity Face to Face: An A to Z Doctrinal Comparative between Mormonism and Biblical Christianity, Knife to a Gun Fight, Don’t F**k With Jesus, and Revelations on Revelation: Footnotes on the Book of Revelation.

Shawn's Interviews and Key Teachings

Researcher on Sociopathy and Anti-Social Personality Disorder Matthew Bywater interviews Shawn McCraney to reveal the efficacy of the perspective of The Great News in a believer’s life. 

Shawn’s seminar on The End of Material Religion. And, according to us, its the best 90 minutes a Christian can spend. 

From Mormon Stories: “Continuing our theme of interviewing past guests from some of our most popular and impactful interviews, we interview Shawn McCraney who first appeared on Mormon Stories in February 2010 to discuss his experience as a “Born-Again Mormon.” Shawn currently leads a church in Murray, Utah called C.A.M.P.U.S and has continued the ministry through a weekly streaming service, called Heart of the Matter. Shawn is widely known for his bold and sometimes bare-knuckled approach when comparing Mormonism to Christianity, and given his reputation as an animated and articulate speaker, this interview will keep you entertained and perhaps inspired.”

From Mormon Stories: “Street Epistemology week continues with Anthony Magnabosco and special guest exMormon Christian pastor Shawn McCraney. After building the foundation of SE with episodes 1-3, in part 4, Shawn is kind enough to play our interlocutor as Anthony questions him about the roots of his religious beliefs. You’ll likely be very surprised with the way this interview progresses as Anthony does his best to display Street Epistemology in the Mormon Stories studio!”