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Verse by Verse Teachings

Deconstructed weekly live teachings through the Bible.

[Formerly C.A.M.P.U.S. with Shawn McCraney]

About Verse by Verse Teachings

In 2006, Shawn McCraney, a self-taught theologian, embarked on a structured and public study of the Bible with the aim of discovering Truth through the Spirit and outside of organized religion. His pursuit focused on a personal understanding of God without any external influences. Every week, Shawn has taught his research findings with a live audience, including YouTube viewers, followed by a question and answer session.

The teachings aim to delve into the fundamental nature of God, exploring who He is and how He interacts with us today. Through these sessions, a profound appreciation for God’s love has emerged, reshaping perspectives on purpose and gratitude in everyday life. Most specifically, Shawn has come to a deep understanding of what we call biblical fulfillment, meaning all things in the Bible have been fulfilled and we are in the age after material religion.

These teachings are accessible for free through our navigable course format. The sessions continue weekly on Sundays at 10 AM MT, welcoming both in-person and virtual audiences on YouTube. To gain more insight into the Verse by Verse Channel, watch the video featuring Shawn and Delaney from The Great News Network below.

Verse by Verse Teachings are an official channel on The Great News Network, offering religious supplements for seeking souls. On the Verse by Verse Teachings Channel offer