Between failing religious institutions and flailing theological justifications, The Great News Network offers a sincere and contextual knowledge of YAHAVA and His Word to both ground and supplement the individuals' Spirit.

Our use of the phrase 'The Great News' is a play on 'The Good News', a commonly used phrase in modern Christianity. Where 'The Good News' deploys fear to coerce individuals to accept Jesus through the threat of eternal punishment, 'The Great News' instead suggests that the age of punishment, law, religion, dogma, and authority is finished.

We at The Great News, through diligently studied and lived research, find that God allows and liberates individuals to pursue, or not pursue Him as they choose. We are here to offer you the knowledge that has led us to this conclusion for you to consider in your personal journey, and implement at your discretion.

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Why care?

The Great News Network is for anyone, but we find that our most interested audience is comprised of the rare and dedicated individuals who prioritize their pursuit of God in Spirit and Truth. We are a Network by, of and for seekers, but all are welcome in love.

We have written a short and simple booklet to explain to you the immensely and radically powerful effect of understanding The Great News. We encourage you to give it a read, consider the content, and let us know what you think!