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The Great News Network has and continues to provide new content each week and month on YouTube and across our seven channel websites for the last two decades. Some of the content we offer is provided at a regular schedule, and often live on YouTube.

  • Verse by Verse Teaching

    Sunday Mornings, 10AM MT
    On YouTube Channel @thegreatnewsnet and at

Recent Teachings:

  • Heart of the Matter

    Tuesday Evenings, 8PM MT
    On YouTube Channel @hotmtv and at website

  • I Don't Get The Bible

    Mondays + Fridays, 12PM MT
    On YouTube Channel @thegreatnewsnet and at IDontGetTheBible.Com

  • Yeshuan Ministries

    VIDEOS, TEACHINGS, WRITING, + MORE On YouTube Channel @thegreatnewsnet and at Yeshuans.Faith

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