I Was A Born-Again Mormon


Moving toward Christian authenticity.

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Born-Again Mormon is for those Saints who long to praise Jesus Christ with all their heart but who rarely hear Him discussed in church. It is for those who yearn to please God but somehow sense that they are lacking or failing in their authentic efforts. Born-Again Mormon claims that whatever church with which a person chooses to affiliate after personally becoming born again through Jesus is an intimate decision that should be made between the individual and the Lord. There is plenty of Christian work to be done in every denominational pasture.
Keeping this concept in mind, the title of the book, Born-Again Mormon, should be no more shocking (and no less viable) than the hypothetical titles of Born-Again Baptist, Born-Again Catholic or even, Born-Again Jew. Contrary to the ardent beliefs most religious organizations propagate, the operative words, according to the Lord Himself, are Born-Again, not the denominational title that follows.
There will certainly be members of the Church who will, to some degree or another, reject this work based on the title alone (not to mention the premise). In keeping with the LDS tradition of “allowing all men to believe how, where or what they may,” I respect their right to scoff. It’s important to know, however, that I am not recommending that members of the Church abandon their memberships nor am I suggesting they join another religious institution. But I am relentlessly promoting, above everything else considered important in the Church, the inward change (or spiritual rebirth) Jesus proclaimed as necessary for anyone desiring to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Whatever happens thereafter in terms of worship, fellowship, or membership is between the regenerated soul and the Lord.