The Gospel of John Yeshuan Commentary


Footnotes on the Gospel of John.

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This book was written as a gift to whomever will truly consider it. One hundred hours per chapter have
gone into its creation – maybe more. The reason? To help give any and all seekers of truth a better
contextual understanding of the relationship between YAHAVAH Almighty and Yeshua, His only human
Son. We also hope to offer a macroscopic vision of all that has been done by YAHAVAH to fully reconcile
the world to Himself. Most things take time to adjust to and this version of the Gospel of John will be no
exception. Our advice is to read everything in the order that it is given. Start with all the preface
material, look up (or put your cursor over) all the references included, read the footnotes as they present
themselves and read the End Notes when they are referenced. It takes work but it will create for you a
“cadence” of thought that will help you the reader to adjust to the way in which the abundance of this
information is given. Of course, you are free to skip around and look up different passages as inclined
but the Yeshua’n approach to the faith will not be fully understood in this way but instead requires study.
(2nd Timothy 2:15)
It is our hope that this volume will be seriously considered by individuals or used as an outline for
groups gathering in His Name. We acknowledge that faith, like maturity, is a work in progress for all of
us, and that there are ideas and perspectives included herein that are errant and should be ignored.
When led by the Spirit, please forgive us, ignore the error, and move on. And if you have the time, let us
know where we are wrong!