Don’t F**k with Jesus


A believer’s refusal to join popular Christian Culture.” All that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life.” 1 John 2:16. Yet in the face of this, true Christians also know from the Word of God that our response to such darkness is to be spiritual, and we are to wage against it with the weapons of spiritual warfare and not carnal conflagrations.

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He has been maligned, abused, used and misunderstood not only by the world-at-large but especially by those who look to Him in faith. Jesus. Yeshua. The Lord, Savior and King. This short book gets right to the heart of how He and His message have been misappropriated for nearly two millennia and how people today (especially our young and alienated) are in a position to change the course of errant Christian tradition.

The “Don’t F**k With” Series is a collection of seven short books (Don’t F**k with Jesus, God, the Spirit, Doctrine, Heaven and Hell, and Unbelievers) which are all aimed at a very specific audience – the young, those burned by religious tradition, and seekers of God in spirit and truth. A no-holds barred, no-nonsense, even at times rude approach, the series hopes to contribute to the deconstruction of religion and all of its material and spiritual failures while inspiring individuals to seek an intimate, personal relationships with God through unadulterated truth.