Idolatry of Organized Religion


For close to 2000 years the standard approach people have had to the Christian faith has typically been qualified and quantified by church memberships, regular church attendance, active participation, allegiance to religious authority and all of the associated demands from such like donations gathered, disciples made and all the rest. These responses are the result of human beings taking what Yeshua (Jesus) did with His living apostles and assuming that what they did should continue to operate in the same fashion today.
Nothing could be further from the truth. And that is a very hard pill for most Bible reading folks to swallow.
I’ve written this book to present another view and sincerely hope that you will not just accept this information blindly and fall in line but will challenge all of it at every turn until the light comes on. In other words, do not trust me. Why? It is organized religion that typically wants its’ congregates to accept information blindly or to at least offer up little resistance in the face of it. This is not my aim as I’m not interested in creating another religion. Instead, I am hoping that you, the reader, will choose to become a free-agent before YAHAVAH (God) and to pursue Him through His Son by the Spirit without allowing any person, system of religion, book, practice, ritual or rite, to come between you and Him.
If this is what you seek, read on. If not, get your money back, and go back to practicing what can only be defined as idolatry.

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