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Our team, especially founder Shawn McCraney, is inundated hourly with requests to speak. He loves to speak with all of you, and over the course of the last two decades that he has done the work he has, we have found that the most effective use of his time is to have intentional discussions with individuals over topics of the faith. Narrowed and focused discussions that produce tangible outcomes to grow from.

Additionally, Shawn gets endless critiques via unsubstantiated comments or messages that he would love to address head on. Most people who serve the comments are unwilling to set up a time to discuss them face to face, so we thought we'd make it easier for them to approach us directly.

Have a Zoom Discussion
with Shawn McCraney

We welcome anyone and everyone, friend or critic, to engage, challenge, or relate to Shawn in a recorded zoom call that we can share with our audience (and that you can share with yours!)

We at The Great News Network think it is incredibly effective for seekers of Spirit and Truth to witness an earnest discussion between fellow seekers over topics of faith. It can be a lonely road finding Him, and we may be able to share knowledge with one another to help sustain that journey.

How It Works...

No matter your perspective, background or current practices, all are welcome to participate in these discussions. We have a few simple stipulations that we require before entering into discussion.

1. Arrive and discuss with the intention to show agape love.

The intention of these discussions is to produce valuable educational assets for our fellow seekers. If you are interested in making personal allegations or hurtful comments, we will not accept the session, or we will end it early.

2. Discuss things of the faith.

Shawn has limited time on this earth and he wants to use it all for the spiritual benefit of his fellow seekers, and to himself grow in Spirit and Truth. In that light, please come with a topic to discuss regarding the faith (whatever faith that may be, and whatever perspective or topic within that.)

2. Thoroughly complete the topic at hand.

It can be very easy to scratch the shallow surface of many topics in these conversations. Because Shawn has devoted so much of his life to covering these topics in his public teachings, we want to ensure that these zoom discussions are thorough. If a topic is brought up, please intend to complete the conversation to the agreed satisfaction of both parties.

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