February 22nd Yeshuan Bible Study with Grady Risley | Yeshuans


The Yeshuan Bible Study with Grady Risley is a thought-provoking and enlightening session that delves into the depths of prophecy and the historical context of Israel’s captivity. Grady’s open form Bible study serves as a platform to explore eschatology, intersecting with Israel’s rich history and its implications for the future.

Grady begins by reflecting on Israel’s state post-Babylonian captivity and poses a thought-provoking question: What was Israel’s intended path upon their release from bondage? Delving into the book of Ezekiel, he unveils layers of prophecy that offer profound insights into understanding God’s divine plan.

While acknowledging the challenge of deciphering detailed measurements and dimensions in Ezekiel’s vision of the temple, Grady skillfully guides listeners through the significance of these intricate descriptions. He elucidates the symbolic importance of the temple’s portrayal and its relevance to understanding prophecy and Israel’s destiny.

Grady sheds light on the historical context of Ezekiel’s prophecy, emphasizing its relevance to the dispersed and captive descendants of Israel. Through meticulous analysis of biblical passages, he reveals the underlying purpose of Ezekiel’s instructions: to prompt repentance and spiritual renewal among the Israelites.

Moreover, Grady navigates through textual variations, ensuring clarity on the conditional nature of Israel’s response to the prophecy. He elucidates the nuances of repentance and its intrinsic connection to comprehending God’s plan for His people.

In highlighting differences in the operation of Ezekiel’s temple compared to previous descriptions, Grady invites listeners to explore the deeper symbolism embedded within these variations. Through his insightful commentary, he encourages a deeper understanding of the spiritual significance behind these alterations.

Ultimately, the February 15th Yeshuan Bible Study with Grady Risley serves as a beacon of knowledge, guiding seekers towards a deeper comprehension of prophecy, repentance, and God’s enduring covenant with His people. Join us on this illuminating journey as we uncover the timeless truths hidden within the pages of scripture.


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