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Consider and Share

We offer a perspective on faith that is by no means new, but is entirely unrecognized. The most important way you can engage with us is by considering and sharing the message of The Great News. We are thankful for all who are willing.

Watch, Attend and Read

We teach and gather weekly, both in person and virtually, for a variety of purposes. We welcome all people, all people to join us for any of these events. In addition, we offer several platforms with thousands of hours of research offered in video and written format. To watch, attend or read, select a link below.

Subscribe, Follow and Register

We upload new content to this website and all social media platforms weekly. Additionally, we offer membership platforms for you to engage with even greater content. We encourage all individuals interested in The Great News to subscribe to our newsletter, follow our social media channels, and submit free registration to any of our TGN Channel Websites. To subscribe follow, or register, select a link below.

Talk With Us

Our team, especially founder Shawn McCraney, is inundated hourly with requests to speak. He loves to speak with all of you, and over the course of the last two decades that he has done the work he has, we have found that the most effective use of his time is to have intentional discussions with individuals over topics of the faith. Narrowed and focused discussions that produce tangible outcomes to grow from. Additionally, Shawn gets endless critiques via unsubstantiated comments or messages that he would love to address head on. Most people who serve the comments are unwilling to set up a time to discuss them face to face, so we thought we'd make it easier for them to approach us directly.

Create With Us

We have a designated program that equips individuals with the spiritual, theological and managerial requirements to produce their own teachings, art, writing or ministry alongside us. We call this the Yeshuan Leader Program. All are welcome to participate on a pay-what-you-can basis.


We assert that the notion of obtaining an individual's funds from institutions in the name of God is entirely incorrect. In this context, we express gratitude for the generous donations from individuals who, firstly, possess the means, and secondly, are interested in and supportive of our work and message. Regardless, we are thankful.