Women Seeking Love in Faith: Episode 3 | Yeshuans

In the latest episode of Women Seeking Love in Faith, the leader of Yeshuans delves into the detrimental effects of social media and the internet on women's spiritual growth. She emphasizes the importance of recognizing our inherent value as individuals created in the image of God, and encourages women to engage in introspection to understand their true selves and what truly matters to them. The episode also provides updates on the struggles of two women, Julie and Christie, and emphasizes the need to have faith in love and seek it in our relationship with God. Additionally, the leader addresses the issue of women's self-worth being tied to external validation, and urges women to recognize their own power and worth, rather than seeking validation from others. This episode offers a compelling and uplifting message for women seeking to deepen their faith and find love in their lives. For more insights, you can watch the full episode on the Yeshuans YouTube channel.

Exodus 32:2 The Golden Calf Part 2 Teaching | Verse by Verse Teachings with Shawn McCraney

In this episode of the Verse by Verse teachings, self-taught theologian Shawn McCraney delves into Exodus 32:2, continuing his exploration of the infamous Golden Calf incident. With a passion for understanding the language and context of the Bible, Shawn aims to shed light on alternative views of what the scripture says and means for Christian believers today. For the past two decades, Shawn has been breaking down the Bible verse by verse, sharing his unique perspective in the hopes of bringing liberty and enlightenment to seekers of Truth. Join Shawn as he unravels the significance of Exodus 32:2 in this thought-provoking teaching. Whether you're a seasoned Bible scholar or a curious seeker, this episode is sure to provide valuable insights into the timeless wisdom of the scriptures. Don't miss out on this opportunity to deepen your understanding and engage in a meaningful exploration of the Word. Watch the full episode on the Verse by Verse teachings website and embark on a journey of discovery alongside Shawn McCraney.

1st Corinthians Chapter 1, Part 3 | Episode 81 | I Don’t Get The Bible

In this episode of "I Don't Get The Bible," Shawn and Delaney McCraney continue their discussion of 1st Corinthians Chapter 1. They delve into the concept of idolatry and how it is ingrained in human nature. Shawn explains that our material nature leads us to idolize things, and this is why salvation is purely by God's grace. They also discuss how the church can sometimes become an idol, and how leaders in religious institutions need to be aware of this tendency. The episode also touches on the wisdom of the world versus the wisdom of God, and how the message of the Cross can seem foolish to those who are perishing but is the power of God to those who are being saved. The conversation is thought-provoking and sheds light on alternative perspectives of the Bible. Listeners are encouraged to submit questions and engage with the podcast hosts on their website, The episode is part of the Great News Network and is a part of a larger conversation about faith and spirituality. Tune in to gain insight into the teachings of the Bible and how they can be applied to modern life.