1st Corinthians Chapter 1, Part 2 | Episode 80 | I Don’t Get The Bible

Welcome to another episode of “I Don’t Get The Bible”! In this episode, we continue our exploration of 1st Corinthians Chapter 1. If you missed Part 1, be sure to check it out on our YouTube channel.

As always, I am joined by my daughter Delaney, who is reading the Bible for the first time. Together, we dive into the passages Delaney has read this week and discuss their meaning and relevance for Christian believers today.

In this episode, we focus on the latter half of 1st Corinthians Chapter 1. Delaney shares her thoughts and questions about the text, while I provide my alternative perspective on what the Bible says and means.

Throughout our conversation, we aim to bring liberty and light to seekers of Truth. We believe that by challenging traditional interpretations and exploring different viewpoints, we can gain a deeper understanding of the Bible and its teachings.

During our discussion, we touch on various themes, including the wisdom of God versus the wisdom of the world, the role of human wisdom in understanding God’s message, and the importance of unity among believers.

We also explore the concept of foolishness in the eyes of the world and how it relates to the message of the cross. Delaney raises thought-provoking questions about the relevance of these ideas in today’s society and how they can shape our understanding of faith.

As always, we encourage our listeners to read along with us and form their own opinions. The Bible is a rich and complex text, and our goal is to provide a fresh perspective that challenges traditional interpretations.

If you’re interested in gaining a deeper understanding of 1st Corinthians Chapter 1, be sure to tune in to this episode. We hope that our discussion will inspire you to think critically and engage with the Bible in a new and enlightening way.

To listen to the full episode, watch above. And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more thought-provoking discussions on the Bible.

Thank you for joining us on this journey of exploration and discovery. We look forward to sharing more insights with you in future episodes. Stay tuned for Part 3 of 1st Corinthians Chapter 1!

Episode 80: 1st Corinthians Chapter 1, Part 2 – “I Don’t Get The Bible”


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